The Schrecks hosted their monthly Jungle Room Poker Club meeting Saturday night.

Lots of bad Texas Hold ‘Em, libations and of course, my iPod’s playlists.

I pride my playlists’ variety.

Bread "Baby I'm a Want You"

Metallica’s “Sandman” comes before Brittny Spears’ “I Did It Again” sometimes.

Plenty of Zepplin, Sinatra, Waylon and Elvis but also stuff like Devo, The Village People, The Weather Girls, Bobby Bare and Tanya Tucker.

“The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” is in there with crap by Hall and Oates, Lobo, Bread and America and other stuff that I couldn’t stand during its time.

So why do I like it now?

Does it somehow become camp? Is it memories? Or has my taste just gotten worse?

Can anyone relate?