I had to take a car service with my mom and my wife to the airport coming back from vacation.

I sat up front and talked to the limo driver.

I think “What The Limo Driver Knows” would make for a great book.

He told me they drive a certain baseball team around during spring training and the company has a special meeting to tell them not to talk to the press. He said they get offered bribes from writers.

He said it was common knowledge among professional drivers what Tiger was up to for a long time.

He told me one of my favorite bands, guys who display nothing but old school camaraderie on stage, hate each other and won’t travel in the same vehicles.

He told me about a famous heavy metal band that has to schedule different times to eat because they won’t sit at the same table.

He said he feels really bad for the boy bands because they are exhausted and squeezed to make as much money as possible why they are profitable.

He said it’s hard to cheer for some athletes because he’s driven them and see how they act.

He said the worst are bachelorette trips and as each woman is dropped off the remaining women all get catty. The last woman then tells him about the next to last woman who got dropped off.

He said bachelor parties are easy because the guys just go to the strip clubs, get drunk and when they run out of money they go home.

The ride wasn’t long enough to hear everything.

Too bad.