I admit I don’t know how when or where to use the comma and I’m sick of it.

Since freshman year at Notre Dame longhaired intellectuals have been making those indecipherable cryptic notes on my writing and sending me to tutorials.

Screw ’em.

I’m done.

Don’t tell me about independent conjuntivitis phrases natural pauses and that crap. It’s unneneccesary and pretentious.

And to the smug comma Nazis who are always so pleased with themselves to site some archaic rule insisting subtly that they are better than you because they know the special club rules on where the curly cue thing goes–stick the comma up your colon.

Most of it’s bullshit anyway. There’s the exception for this and the exception for that and you use it here but not there and you can use before and but you don’t have to.

I’m done it’s over.

Stop pretending like it’s a capital offense to miss a comma. We don’t walk around saying “Hi comma how are you?”

Stp the madness.

It ends today.

The comma is so over