What do you do when you don’t feel it?

It depends on your goal.

If writing is a whimsical hobby, then, by all means, write whenever the hell you want.

If you make a living from writing you already know that you can’t afford to do that.

If your goal is to break through in any part of the writing business then, like a disciplined athlete, you have to train. That means writing when you don’t feel like it. Maybe especially when you don’t feel like it.

Writing a novel or a screenplay, maybe even a short story, is a serious undertaking. Getting it done, editing and polishing will be a pain in the ass after the cool feeling of taking the project on fades.

I love the NANOWRIMO folks. They structure the process for getting a draft done in a month. That’s kind of cool but it’s only a start. Putting a professional edit on a draft will take more and it won’t always be that inspiring. You’ll have to push long past the NANOWRIMO support ends. This isn’t a novelty.

On days I don’t feel it, I write and you know what? When I read that day’s work it is usually indistinguishable from the work I do on inspired days.

You don’t have to be committed. You don’t have to take it seriously.

But if you want to complete something and make it professional then there is a reality you have to face.

Writing is work.