James Patterson sells a few more books than me.

It makes the way we write a little different.

He has someone who actually does the writing for him after he comes up with an idea. I have one of those pesky 40 hour a week day jobs. I teach college two nights a week, write freelance articles for money and I travel a lot judging boxing as a job too.

James probably heads to a home office after awaking and having a breakfast.

James's Headshot

I write fiction before the day job and in between freelance assignments. The first alarm rings at 4:30 am.

James flies around the country in first class on junkets set up and paid for by his publisher.

I drive my 2001 Lincoln Town Car to basset hound events to sell my books and give the money to the rescue organizations. Driving 9.5 hours in a Lincoln with my wife and three hounds crammed in is different than first class.

James goes to dinner with Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd and the others who star in movies made from his books. I eat dinner standing  at the breakfast bar with three hounds snapping at my plate.

You can buy James Patterson books at drug stores, gas stations and airports. Sometimes it’s a little tough finding my books on shelves.

James’s advances are often in the double digit millions. That’s more than TWICE what I get!

My Headshot

Patterson’s books are in every language on earth. Mine are in English, French and, pretty soon, German. I’m looking for someone to get my books into Japanese, Arabic and maybe Canadian.

It’s 7:04, which is late. I over slept this morning because of a bad headache and got up at 6:14. I have to decide if the dogs need a walk, then feed them and get to the office. I’ll have to skip my fiction writing today nad haven’t planned tonight’s lecture.

Riley the basset bloodhound just jumped on me and the three of them are starting to bark and chew things.

I better not skip the walk.

Riley and Roxie are playing tug-a-war with my wife’s leopard Snuggie.

I wonder if James is up,