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Have you noticed the new use of the word “Really” with a question mark. It’s used as a tool to express “I don’t believe you.” or, “You’re really full of shit.” or, “I can’t believe you just did that.”


Have you heard that as a one word declarative stating that the situation is uncomfortable? It is simply state when, well, something awkward occurs.

Epic Fail.

The use of “Epic” as an adjective combined with the the IT term of “Fail” make this a two-word expression that can somehow be an understatement or overstatement at the same time.

awkward, huh?

I write for magazines geared toward twenty-somethings and I try to work these terms in. Honestly. I’m pushing fifty and feel pretty goof doing it.

Should I?

Are these expressions the verbal equivalent of the high-five? The once hip no incredibly goofy way to congratulate a person?

Is it an axiom that if white middle class fifty year-olds are using an expression then, by definition, it can’t possibly be hip?

Am I making sense?

Are you getting it?





Epic Fail!