I’ve got a buddy who is still in high school.

His name is Nathan and he’s all ready written his first mystery. By now he may be on his third, I don’t know, he’s tough to keep track of.

Anyway, we were talking about making characters complex humans and how important it is to give characters memorable qualities. I don’t mean integrity and honor, I mean every day stuff.

Nathan gave me a perfect example. In his novel he has a bad guy, a real dark, sinister character. Nathan struggled with making him real and with giving him more dimensions.

So he gave him a yoyo. That’s right, this dirty, no-good SOB never goes anywhere without his yoyo. he’s really into it, almost obsessed with it and he’s always working on his yoyo tricks.

No cliche here. Instead, to me, a very clear picture of the villain with a unique and interesting characteristic.

It makes him different, it makes you wonder about him and it keeps the reader from getting bored.

So, if you want to make your work eye-catching and thought-provoking, you know what to do.

Get a yoyo.