Today and tomorrow (FREE PSYCHOTHERAPY THURSDAY) we’re going to look at the same issue from two perspectives.

Writers often talk about feeling insecure. Why?

Well, our jobs are to entertain, inspire, motivate etc and handing someone else the written word is asking for their approval. If they don’t respond, then, in a sense,  your work has become insignificant.

That hurts. Some will take that to mean that not only is their work insignificant but THEY are insignificant.

I’m getting close to finishing a new novel outside of my series. I’ve been beleagured with procrastination and bouts of insecurity about my writing.

How do you conquer it? If you know pass it along, willya?

In the meantime I’m following that one cardinal law of writing and completing projects.

“Sit ass on chair, place fingers on keyboard and type.”