Why is every FBI agent a pretentious, self-important clod?

Why do hookers always have hearts of gold?

Why are sidekicks usually of a minority group and then, because of whatever minority group they are from, they have special powers, insights or spiritual sensibilities?

Why are people who are computer experts always strange and quirky?

These are cliches. They are a sign of lazy, unimaginative writing. Cliches are boring and they are a sign that you are phoning in your work.

Next time you’re writing twist things around. Make the FBI agent a reggae fan, the hooker a needlepoint expert, give your sidekick a girlfriend and make him a white, middle-aged guy and make the computer guy, well,  normal.

The characters will take on new dimensions and you’ll challenge  your readers to think.

And that’s the goal, right?

Hre’s a great website on cliches www.moviecliches.com