Hey, writers with day jobs–do you chunk?

Can you write a book by spending a half hour (or less) a day on the project?

Purists will suggest that you need to sit for hours while blood seeps from your forehead to author a worthy piece of work.

It’d be nice to not have the day gig (and for the matter, the night gig, the freelance gig and the other part-time gig) but there’s that silly mortgage thing.

Your fave?

Interesting though, when you talk to those who have made the leap to full-time writerhood many will admit that their productivity hasn’t increased exponentially with their time.

Could it be that the shift in daily focus might help the process?

Could it be that we’re not meant to write more than a couple hours or less a day?

Is not having the time a legit excuse for not getting a book done?

Might it just mean writing in shorter intervals and finding a rhythm that fits?