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I’m not sure if this is a writing tip or a query for feedback.

I make a good portion of my income from writing. It’s also one of my main sources of pleasure.

If you’ve read this crappy blog with any sort of regularity you know I’m big on the no excuse, just do it bullshit to slog through things.

I wonder though some times if you can over do it. Can you go to the creative well too often? Can you tap out that energy that helps you sling words together in a marginally readable form?

And what does one do when the deadlines are there, the cash is needed and you’ve made commitments?

Do you need a few days a way, a trip to the spa or maybe just a different type of writing? I write novel length fiction as an artistic passion ( I just completed my fourth in four years and I got 2/3 of another written.) I do about 20 freelance articles a year and a daily blog along with my full time job as communications direction for a nonprofit. The full time gig is mostly writing with newsletters, web content, work blog, annual report, letters speeches and brochures.

I love to write.

It’s been a stressful week and I’ve got some big deal stuff in another non-writing side hustle of mine in the next six weeks.

My usual advice is to toughen up and get going.

Is that the wrong strategy?