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Roxie swimming to my wife. Elivis singing “Proud Mary” in the back ground, which was strictly coincidental but couldn’t have been scripted better.

I’m just back from a camp on a lake in the Adirondacks. It was terrific but it got me thinking of vacation in general.

Here’s some notes:

1. I didn’t write a word. I thought I might but didn’t. I’m glad.

2. All my cares didn’t go away but they were muted.

3. Sitting and looking at a lake isn’t as boring as I thought. I loved it and didn’t get tired of it.

4. Bringing dogs on vacation makes it feel like a family vacation.

5. Nothing happened at any of my five jobs of import while I was gone. Nothing.

6. I checked email everyday and phone calls everyday. i do better checking rather than worrying. Nothing happened.

7. The dogs got sick and had to go to the vet but they just had a cough. My wife had to leave for a couple of interviews but that wasn’t a bad thing.

8. You can’t make a perfect, carefree time in your head but you can do different things, eat ice cream and do nothing and it changes your point of view.

9. I read a lot. Revisisted Robert B. Parker and James Patterson and enjoyed them both–more than thought. It was fun to read just for phone.

10. Going back to work feels weird…which i think is good