Today we begin our new “Tuesday at the Bookstore” series. Each week we’ll profile some of my heroes–the folks who run independent bookstores!

If you’re in the Keystone S and you like whodunits you gotta go to:

Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop

6 Clouser Road

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Let’s chat with owner Debbie Beamer.

Debbie, how long have you been in business?

November of this year I will have been in business 20 years

Do you have a speciality?

Not really ... we consider ourselves a specialty shop because we
don't sell anything but mystery, spy, thriller and horror.

What are YOUR favorite styles in the genre? Who are your
favorite authors?

Probably thriller.  But pretty much enjoy all mystery types.  You
don't have enough room ... but I'll give you a few:  Jim Butcher,
Philip R. Craig, Clive Cussler, Chris Grabenstein, Michael Marshall,
David Morrell, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs (books they write
together and books they write individually), and several more.

What do you get tired of in mysteries?

I'm not sure I've gotten tire of anything.

What type of mystery would you like to see get written?

I have no idea.  There's such a variety that I've never given it much

What do you find boring? exciting?

Boring ... a plot that doesn't move along.  If I can't get into the
book within the first 20 pages, I'll keep reading but probably won't
enjoy the book as much.  Exciting ... the authors I've mentioned
above really write "out of the box" mysteries or mysteries that are
fast paced and keep me guessing and have great characters.