I was sitting in front of the G4 trying like hell to edit.

The phone rang. Damn, I thought I had turned off the ringer.

“Hello,” I said, doing my best to sound in patient.

“Hi, it’s me!” I recognized the voice from awhile back. It was perky. It was always perky.

“Oh, hi.” I said.

“Bad time?”

“Well, I got this deadline and uh…”

“I’m SO sorry. I’ll hang up. Sorry.”

“No, no, it’s okay. What’s goin’ on?” I heard myself say. I looked over to the G4 and my manuscript went to sleep. It made my stomach kind of sour.

“What are you working on–the fourth Duffy, I hope!” she said.

“Actually, I got the first draft of a stand alone done. Duffy makes an appearance but it’s mostly as a cameo.”

“Oh-MY-GOD! You’re kidding, that’s like SO cool!” Sometimes her enthusiasm makes me a little uncomfortable.

“Yeah, yeah, thanks.”

“I know you’re trying to write but what’s it about. Just give me a teaser…” She said.

“Well, you know how we hear about all the military suicides?”

“Yeah…” He breath got short.

“What if they weren’t suicides? What if a corrupt general was making murders look like suicides to cover something up.”

The phone went silent. It stayed that way for what seemed like a long time.

“Are you there?” I said

“That is SO brilliant! Oh, I just can’t wa–you have to go write. I’m sorry. Please go write!” She said.

“Well, actually…”

“No really, go write! It’s good just to hear your voice.”

“Thanks, I suppose I really should,” I said relieved. She really was kind of sweet.

“Okay, then. Talk soon?”

“Sure,” I said.

After that she signed off.

I could get back to work.