1. I find the first lady’s lip gloss distracting on that Haiti commercial.

2. The standing ovations/non standing ovations at the State of the Union Address seem really goofy–like something in preschool.

3. I’m glad the Saints are in the Superbowl. I think if I lost everything in Katrina I’d resent the notion that the NFL franchise in the city winning a game would be curative for me.

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4. I wonder how Michael Vick is doing on his dog charity work and if Tony Dungy has encouraged his follow through.

5. Obama and I are about the same age. I think when he trots down the Air Force One stairs and holds his hands like a guy entering a NBA game it looks cool. But I don’t think it looks real or presidential.

6. I sparred three rounds on Saturday with a guy training for a fight. My back is so stiff it is hard to bend over, walk or sleep. I think my age may not limit my ability but it limits how hard I can train because of crap like this. I think i understand why older pros get attracted to steroids. It would be nice to workout and not pay the absurd consequences of Mother Nature.

7. I had an incredibly busy weekend jumping from one task to another. By Sunday night I was resentful and should’ve planned more time for fun.

8. I’m going to Birmingham Alabama this weekend for two mystery lover events. I would prefer no ice storms and would like to not sleep in an airport.

9. I’m doing my best to stay neat and organized. I don’t know how people do it. I feel like there’s a choice between getting shit done and being neat. If I did less I’d be neater and more organized. Is that a cop out?

10. If I was single, never met my wife and if she never existed, and Beyonce asked me out on a date, I’d go.