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Awhile back I wrote a blog about a basset hound that got attacked by a mountain lion. The story didn’t end the way people expected. The basset got pissed of, turned tail and chased the cat into a tree.

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You can read it here.

It’s by far the most popular post I’ve ever written.


Partly because I have a lot of basset hound-nutty friends. I suspect it’s something else though. I believe we like what the hound represents.

Here’s this badass lion. He’d already killed some pets in town and now he sets his sites on a creature that isn’t known as a warrior. The basset hound is one of the least aggressive breeds of dog and they are known for their loyalty and their sense of humor.

Until you piss them off.

Around this time last year someone broke into my house. The guy grabbed my wife’s jewelry box and turned it over on the dining room table. It happened to be next to my dog, Riley’s crate. Riley goes ballistic when

This is Riley. Don't piss him off.

someone has the nerve to walk past our house so i know he went nuts when someone intruded in to our home.

The burglar missed my wife’s engagement ring, diamond earrings and a wad of cash and probably just decided it wasn’t worth waiting to see if Riley could get out of his crate.

So this pudgy long-eared breed has something in them. It doesn’t come out to often but when it does–beware.

I think really good people have a similar core. They may go through their whole lives without ever displaying any anger or tendency toward violence.

However, if they threatened something they loved it wouldn’t matter if they weren’t built like a fighter.

I’m guessing the bad guy would get his ass run up a tree.