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Not thinking real clearly but wanted to check in. Let’s go over some things.

1. I have been taking Sudafed for two days. I feel like my whole body is humming like a power wire

2. Judging from the commercials aired at 3:45am people up at this hour have problems with urinating, falling down and getting hurt at work a lot and are confused vocationally.

3. I wish I slept as well as the bloodhound who gets me up this early.

4.  The tv news rarely reports happy things

5. A 49 year old pilot flipped out last night. I’m 50 and I can relate to wanting to flip out.

6. Most things I worry about are bullshit

7. A lot of people are annoying

8. The kid getting shot in Florida really sucks. Not sure how ripping off a Walgreens is a sign of support.

9. When I try to meditate I work on not thinking and trying to feel like I exist only as part of everything else. Thoughts almost never stop coming but counting quietly seems to help.

10. I’m going on vacation in a week and am nervous about it. People say that’s crazy but I’ve gotten use to it. I like structure