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Tank is a bloodhound and he was donated to the New York State police.

Some people doubt what bloodhounds can do. A few months ago I wrote about the triple murder in Jersey. A bloodhound nailed the perp, tracking him only from the scent off his lost cell phone. The scumbag was part of a South American gang that thought it was okay to kill three kids who just graduated from high school.

Hunter the bloodhound disagreed.

The jerkoff’s lawyer said using a bloodhound was junk science.

The jury didn’t and they found the punk guilty.

Back to Tank. Police departments often rely on donated bloodhounds. There are a couple of foundations set up by the parents of kidnapped and murdered children who want every law enforcement agency to have a bloodhound for search and rescue. They donate the funds to find the hounds. I’m proud to say that my wife and I have helped transport so Bloodhound pups for just such a cause.

Back to Tank. He got assigned to Officer Curtis Hahne on June 14 in Newburgh. Two and half hours into their first shift they got the call–runaway parolee.

They want through a forest, a business district and an apartment building. They followed the scent right to the criminal who saw Tank, shook his head and held out his wrists.

Nice going Tank.

A week later some scumbag teenager vandalized a church. They couldn’t find who did it and they called Tank.

Done. Tank id’ed the loser and the kid admitted it.