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I’m a Yankees fan.

I hate the Red Sox so much I don’t like driving on the Mass Pike. The Yankees won last night in the 10th and it looks like they’ll be in the playoffs and the Sox won’t be.

That is right and just and how the universe should be aligned.

But something hasn’t felt right all year to me. I haven’t cared about my team even when I tried.

My favorite player is Hideki Matsui. Last year he was the MVP in the World Series and he was always a clutch guy. Classy and the ultimate team man, he brought Japanese attention to the Bronx and a punch to the Bombers.

Johnny Damon crazy infectiousness was great for the Yankees. His double steal won a Series game for the Yanks last year. Melky Cabrera, a young guy full of passion was great to watch.

The Yanks let them all go in the off season.

It’s debatable whether it was a good baseball move but that’s not my point. That’s how baseball works and all the winning teams do the same thing.

There are new guys on the team and they are good ball players and seem like fine men. I even liked some of them when they played for other teams.

But they’re not the team I cheered for.

Jerry Seinfeld once said that pro sports is like cheering for laundry. Free agency has changed sports so much and the players go from team to team so often that you’re really rooting for the uniform.

That’s how I feel.

I’ve felt kind of ripped off all year.