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I’m not a parent.

At the age of 17 I began to train in karate, eventually got a black belt and then got involved in boxing. The fighting arts or sports or whatever you want to call it are a large part of my life.

Since I started training 33 years ago I haven’t got in a street fight, despite jobs in bars, pro boxing and rehabs.

Still, I feel good  knowing I’d be better off with the training and I believe it does something for your spirit. There are clichés like, “The best way to insure peace is to be prepared for war…” but I don’t know if that explains it.

Not everyone shares my view. Some don’t want their children any where around fighting.

Others want their kids able to protect themselves. And what about how the children feel about things like fear and bullying.

I’m curious–how do you feel?

For a fun video showing boxers fighting karate guys click here.