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Today a short chat with the host of what may be the very best name for a book blog ever, Shannon Patel of:



What really gets you interest in a mystery?

A realistic plot. When I read a mystery, I want to know that what the characters are doing or dealing with could

actually happen.

Who are your favorites?

I read mystery/suspense books within the romance genre.

A few of my favorites are JD Robb, Marie Force, Jami Alden

If you really hate a book will you still review it?

I started reviewing as a way to share my thoughts on all the books that I read. I

used to have my friends ask for my recommendations or what I thought about certain

books, so it seemed like a logical step to start a blog and post my reviews. I have

posted a couple reviews for books that I’ve hated. I can’t just stop reading a

book if it bothers me, so I’ll torture myself finishing it hoping for something to

redeem it. By the time I’m finished, I’ve generally got a list of grievances that I

need to share.


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