From Sky Talk

Go April!

April, a Basset hound abandoned and headed for an early demise, was airlifted Saturday on a trip to a new home in New Mexico thanks to Pilots N Paws, a group of pilots that volunteer their services to transport pets for rescue groups.

Stuck in an animal shelter in Cedar Hill after she was picked up as a stray and destined to be euthanized, April came to the attention of the North Texas Basset Hound Rescuegroup. But with lots of homeless Bassets these days, the group was unable to find her a new home in the DFW area.

Fortunately for April, the All Ears Basset Rescue group in Albuquerque has agreed to find her a new home. So
Pilots N Paws was contacted and agreed to transport the special four-legged cargo.

Pilots N Paws is a 501c3 charitable organization made up of volunteer pilots using their own aircraft to provide transportation of animals to their new homes on behalf of the many rescue organizations in the U.S.A.  The group is totally self-run with the pilots having control over when and where they fly.

Local pilot John Watson agreed to transport April to Albuquerque, a flight that began Saturday morning at Addison Airport and included a pit stop in Amarillo.

– Bob Cox