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The basset-beagle mix had a dislocated hip.

Three months old and a bad hip. In the shelter world that means the puppy was about to join the 4 to 5 million dogs that get put down every year.

Four to five MILLION.

I don’t tell sad stories on this blog.

I’m not starting today either.

Mark Reyner is a pilot with an organization called Pilots N Paws. They volunteer to transport animals who need a hand. Or, in the case, need their life saved.

Reyner flew the puppy from Oklahoma to Los Lunas, New Mexico and into the loving arms of Chris Dowd of All Ears Basset Sanctuary.

The puppy is going to get some medical attention and be given a chance to heal. Then it’ll be adopted and bring a lot of happiness to people’s lives.

Maybe there will be a little limp, maybe not. Thanks to Mark and Chris it won’t matter.

This hound is flying high

Go watch the video and the news story here.