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Do you hear yourself saying something like this?

Today, I’m going to do research…visit a location for inspiration…read a book written by someone who has never written a book you heard of on how to write a best seller…instead of writing

Look only writing counts as writing. All the other stuff supports writing but only writing is writing. Inspiration is important, camaraderie and support are important and research is important.

They are not writing.

Only writing is writing.

Getting sick of hearing it?

I’m not even close to being sick of talking about it.

Only writing is writing.

Telling yourself something else is a rationalization. Wannabees are always doing cool writing experiences,traveling, hiring gurus, attending seminars, buying software programs, fountain pens and ergonomic chairs.

None are bad.

Unless they are done and writing isn’t.

Got it? Good. Now ass on chair, fingers on keyboard. Type!