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Shit happens in life. Bad shit.

Sometimes it occurs in the middle of your project. Sometimes people stop writing because of it.

I’m not going to tell you that you should push through it. You can, and it might even help. But depending on what happens you may choose not to.

That’s the key–know it is a choice. It might be the most appropriate choice but it is still a choice. You have the power. If it was your only form of income and you had a financial crisis writing would be imperative.

If you do feel like you want to choose to not write think about whether it has to be an absolute. Could you write less, less often or doing something else that keeps you close to your project. Of course you can..if you choose to.

I heard Lou Holtz say that in the next 12 months we’ll all have three crises hit us that we didn’t count on. I don’t know how he picked three but it seems to hold true. Each crisis has a different impact and a different level.

Be careful that you’re not looking for an excuse to quit…even when it’s a good one.

Got it? Good. Now ass on chair, fingers on keyboard. Type!