You looking at me? Feeling lucky, punk?

They’ve been having problems with mountain lions in Rapid City, South Dakota.

A 60 pound lab lost its life and it’s carcass was found in the mountains after an attack. Many suspect missing dogs in the area are victims of lion attacks.

This is where the basset hound comes in.

Not long after the poor lab was killed and a 100 pound Rottie had to be saved by it’s owner, the mountain lion, believed to be the trouble maker, set her sites on a basset hound in Rapid City.

She studied the hound, plotted her strategy and attacked.

The result?

If you’re a basset hound lover, no need to turn away.

The basset hound went nuts. Started barking and carrying on and startled the mountain lion. When the lion hesitated, the basset charged.

The authorities found the lion in a nearby tree with the basset at the bottom looking up and growling.

Here’s what John Kanta, the regional game manager said.

“And that basset hound was so fat its belly drug on the ground,” he said. “It bayed and howled and put that lion right up a tree.”

That’s right, you don’t mess with a pissed off basset hound.