Does anyone else get this?

It’s Monday morning and the work week is two hours a way and you get a sickish feeling in your gut.

I know what lies ahead this week and it’s nothing special. There’s certainly nothing to be scared of. Yet, I got this sense of impending doom. it will fade by 9:30 or so when i’m in the office.

What is it about?

I like my job. I like the people there. Tomorrow morning i won’t have this feeling.

It makes me wonder how much energy of mine is sucked up this anxiety. I wonder if it makes me avoid things or if I underperform because of it.

Is it this tension that tightens my shoulders and gives me a headache?

No Monday hee bee gee bees for Willie

If I let it go, really let it go i would feel far less uncomfortable both psychologically and physically.

Why don’t I?

Is there a secondary payoff of feeling crummy?

Is it the reinforcement of feeling like a victim? Is it because when it ceases I feel so good so i deliberately bring it on? Is it because worry makes me focus on what needs to get done?

Is it just human nature to want immediate gratification and not have to put ourselves in any form of discomfort–and going to work is less gratifying than sitting on the couch eating Girl Scout Samoas?

As I type this the three hounds are snoring. They’ve been fed. they got no walk because of the rain. Wilbur is starting to talk because I think he wants to go outside.

None of them seem worried.

Are bassets a more evolved life form?

I’m not sure that the ability for rational thought is always a good thing.

Wilbur changed his mind, stopped talking and just went and lied down.

I wish I could.