1. Even though I don’t consciously set resolutions I find myself trying to improve in areas. I’m doing my best to be neat and

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orderly–and it makes me anxious.

2. I desperately need the structure of the routine. I’m tired of being out of it through the Holidays.

3. Suddenly, everyone will be rushing around today with work projects they’ve put off even if they’ve been working the last two weeks.

4. Cold pisses me off. I hate the bulk of coats and boots.

5. Too cold to walk the dogs. That means they have too much energy. that means sleep was interrupted three times last night. That means I’m anxious and pissy.

6. Restaurants and malls are quiet now. people don’t start going out around here again until St Paddy’s weekend.

7. 2010–think of that. I hate to deal in cliches of time flying but, think of it, 2010.

8. I’m glad I don’t have a freakin’ get together to go to any time soon.

9. Gyms will be crowded this week. Not so much next week and in a month not at all.

10. I wonder If you live in Play Del Carmen, Hawaii or the Virgin Islands do you think different thoughts? Do you have different feelings this time of the year? Are their different cues that lead to different thoughts, feelings and behaviors? I mean If I could’ve walked the dogs, not shivered in the cold moving the car and if I wasn’t thses giganci boots to keep warm would be less pissy? Would I sleep better? Would I get more done?

Or a whole let less and spend more time looking at the ocean?

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