I often get asked how I score a fight. It’s one of those things that’s easier demonstrated than explained.
Let’s  one of the best and most controversial fights of all time. Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Sugar ray leonard fought in 1987 in what was truly a superfight. Leonard came out of retirement for this fight
Fight fans argue all the time about who one. Let’s examine the first round(the round starts at about 5:45):
Boxing is scored on what’s called the Ten Point Must system. It means the winner of the round gets ten points and the loser between 1 and 9.
In reality the loser gets 9 if it’s a close round and 8 if he gets knocked down once, 7 if if he gets knocked down twice and so on.
In this round nothing much happens. Certainly, no one gets hurt.
Leonard moved better but mostly away from the action while Hagler stalked.
Ray’s strategy in this fight was to flurry three times around and especially in the last 30 seconds.
He doesn’t do any damage but in this round he throws more, lands more and looks more in control.

My score 10-9 Leonard
*btw–This scoring is in no means to be construed as criticism for the actual judges. Fights look different in the 3d of real life.