Nothing much happens here. Leonard is moving but you give a fighter “Ring Generalship” points if the movement doesn’t lead to aggression? I don’t.

However, Hagler isn’t doing much either. Now, if thiis a street fight in alley you could make the case that Hagler is The Man. He’s moving  forward and he’s not giving ground.

This isn’t an alley. This is a support and Marvin doesn’t get off in this round.

With 2:30 gone in the round Ray throws a series of rounds, doing what announcers call “steaqling the round”. No theft here, nothing else happened in this round.

10-9 Leonard

20-18 Leonard so far


Marvin changes tactics. I have no fancy words to describe what he does, he simply gets busier.

Fighters give away rounds all the time by just not getting off.

Marvin lands some power shots, not a lot and i don’t think they do much to Ray.

Ray’s last 30 seconds strategy doesn’t work this round.

Hagler 10-9

Leonard 29-28 so far