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It’s pretty cliche to bitch about the younger generation

In a bar room the old timers complain about their cell phones, iPods and goofy hairstyles. They don’t work hard, they expect everything handed to them and, most importantly, they don’t know how to act in a bar.

See. old and young can co-exist

I say, bullshit!

There are annoying twenty-somethings but there are just as many annoying 50 somethings sittin’ around like the world owes them.

I say it’s a person to person thing not an age thing. Since time began one generation has always complained that the generation following them were different, that they had it easier and that they had no manners.

So, how do you connect with the younger set when they have the nerve to wander into your place? You say hello, you engage them in conversation and you welcome them–like you do anyone else. When you whisper to your other old hard-on friends when a couple of young people come into a bar the visitors sense that and that breeds bad behavior. If everyone is welcome, behavior tends to follow the norm not go outside of it.

Usually, those with all the energy around hating younger people aren’t real happy with their life. It plays out in resentment and hostility and it’s obvious.

it doesn’t have to be.