I love it when a joint has 8 x 10s of famous or, even better, quasi famous people on the wall.

Supposedly, this celebrity ate or drank in the establishment and loved it so much they whipped out the gloss and signed it.

It’s best when the collection is bizarre and eclectic.

Some of my favorite 8 x 10s that I’ve seen on bar walls over the years:

Andre the Giant

Jerry Vale (I believe these are issued to any place that sells anything Italian)

The lead signer from Lover Boy(sorry don’t know the name)

Bud Harrelson

Golly! I loved the steak!

Ruth Buzzy

Don Knotts

The “Where’s the Beef” lady

Loved the linguini!

Evel Kneival

I'd jump this place for another order of your ribs!

An Elvis Impersonator

The bass player from Three Dog Night

Joe Theisman

Yolanda Vega (The NY Lottery Announcer)

Michael Buffer (The “Let’s Get to Rumble” guy)

Charlie Calas

Gene Rayburn

The guy from Password

Jack Lord

Book 'em! Loved the Boston Creme Pie!

Mayor Koch

Then there’s the nameless characters that fall into one of these categories:

Local  B or C list actor

Local jock who played one game for the Houston Oilers’s kick off return team

Collection of low level politicians

The local bishop

The anchor man or woman from the local news.

I’m sure I missed some–what are your favorites?