Do you feel guilty all the time?

Maybe you should.


Isn’t psychotherapy and over priced way to alleviate guilt?

Bad therapy is.

Take a swig.

If you feel guilty about what you think about, that’s probably useless and not something to worry about. If you secretly lust after an office mate and spend time imagining exactly what you would do given the opportunity, I don’t think you have to feel guilty.

If you have thoughts about smashing your car into the back of the guy who cut you off, I don’t think you have to feel guilty about that either (unless you actually do it.)

If you skipped church because you don’t believe much in it any more I think you have to come to terms with your beliefs, not feel guilty.

So what should you feel guilty about?

Feel guilty about being lazy. Feel guilty about doing things that are bad for you over and over. Feel guilty about constantly giving in to immediate gratification. Feel guilty about not keeping commitments.

You know what you want out of life. If you don’t do the things that will get you there then you should feel regret and guilt. You’re wasting your life.

Knock it off.

Don’t make excuses.

Get done what you say you want to do.

Keep your commitments.

Don’t complain about guilt. It’s there to tell you something.