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I asked the class that last night and got lots of ambiguous answers.

People say to feel better, to let feelings out and to get an onjective opinion.

Is that all we expect from therapy? Couldn’t you get the same thing from talking to the produce manager at Price Chopper? At least then you could get a recommendation on the eggplant too.

I clicked on the Carl Rogers does therapy with Gloria video on Youtube. Rogers was a giant in psychology, a very humble man who believed inside we had the answers.

In his prologue to the filmed session he states what his goals were.

They were:

For her to explore her feelings more deeply

For her to find out things about herself that she wasn’t aware of

For her to feel better about herself

For her to listen to herself and her meanings more

For her to be more “real” with herself

For her to move toward more immediacy of her expression

For her to be more accepting of herself

For her to be less afraid of relating

For her to move from seeing life as rigid to being more flexible about life and it’s meaning

For her to move toward taking responsibility for herself.

That, simply put, is what you should get out of therapy.

If you want to hear him say it, check it out: