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Last night the front axel of my Lincoln Towncar broke.

I was doing 65 in the middle lane, about 30 yards from a bridge over the Hudson River.

Nothing happened. I got the car to the shoulder and few cars were around during the incident even though it’s a busy highway.

When I got to the shoulder and put on my flashers, I started to feel it.

Things felt a little unreal, my legs were a little weak and my thoughts raced.

I got out of there and got it towed.

At 1:24 am the dogs got me up and while they went for the back door I noticed the window I had to climb through that morning because I locked myself out was still open. It’s next to the cat tree.

We have three cats but I could only find two. I panicked. My anxiety rose. Lucky’s black and he hides a lot. I couldn’t find him. After two hours I opened the window  and went to bed. I dozed, got up and  Lucky had returned.

I don’t feel very rested. I don’t feel like doing anything. I feel like the world needs to give me a break today. It doesn’t, of course.

And all I can think of are soldiers who stay in combat for months on end. I had a blip of a scare. They are exposed to it constantly. What can feeling like that all the tim

My dad was a WWII vet. He had 4 Purple Hearts, two Silver stars and two Bronze stars. He was in combat for 4 years.

I wonder what he felt like.

And I feel ridiculous.