Studies have been done on the most effective means of treating phobias.

The fastest way to overcome an irrational fear is to expose yourself to it as much as you can.

It is also the least popular method chosen by patients because it’s really freakin’ uncomfortable.

But it works.

It also works for just about anything that troubles you. If you’re avoiding facing something the most curative thing you can do is, well, do it.

If you’re afraid of heights, go eat lunch on top of the observation deck of the Sears Tower. If snakes make you crazy, let one crawl on you. If an unkempt house  makes you crazy, go sit in one and don’t straighten it up.

It will suck. You’ll feel uncomfortable.

Over time you’ll feel less uncomfortable.

Over more time it will stop interfering with your life.

The same principle works with other emotional issues. Afraid of relationships and commitment? Let yourself be vulnerable with people and work through the feelings.Unassertive and getting taken advantage of by the boss? Practice speaking up for yourself and do it even though you’re scared to death.

You’re thinking; “But it will be hard and I’ll be scared!”

Yes, yes you will.

Do it anyway.