Get this and it will change your life.

Excuse the infomercial opening, but it’s true.

Discomfort anxiety is the worry that something might be a pain in the ass. It might suck, it might be painful or at least tedious, and what ever it is you might not like it temporarily…or even longer than temporarily.


I’d get up early in the morning to write…bu that would be hard.”

“I’d read more books to get better at my craft but it might be boring—it’s easier to watch TV.”

“I’d edit my book another time …but that will get boring.”

“I’d go to more cons and introduce myself to people…but that would be awkward and I wouldn’t like it.”

None of this discomfort would be excruciating…just a pain in the ass.

Here’s the painful moment of self discovery. I believe our actions more than our words reveal our values. If you don’t do things because they might be uncomfortable this is what you are actually clearly saying:

“I value comfort more than the

things that would improve my life!”

Ew…that would be tough to live with wouldn’t it?