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People talk about writer’s block like it is some sort of immutable force that can’t be stopped.

In reality writer’s block is simple irrational thoughts and the usual human excuses made valid by the collective consciousness.

When you’re not writing this is what is going on in your head:

“I don’t know what to write next so i should take time off until I know exactly what will perfectly fit.”

“If I write something and it’s not up to par that would be awful.”

“It’s too hard to write today because…(I’m tired, constipated, worried, etc) fill in the excuse.”

“I’m not writing because I suck and I don’t write as well as (fill in name here)”

“I’m not writing because this will never get published or agented and it’s a waste of time and will never be on the endcap at B and Noble.”

“I really should get after those dust bunnies under the curio and write tomorrow.”

At a conference panel I heard someone ask Marcus Sakey how he writes so much. He said, “Ass on chair, fingers on keyboard.”

He’s right.

Here’s some questions to challenge yourself when you think you’re blocked:

Am I blocked or simply uncomfortable about writing right now?

Where’s it written that I must always feel comfortable?

If I wrote and hated it why would that be so bad?

Do I a want guarantee of success?

Must everything i write be perfect the first time?

Am I avoiding writing because it’s work and I’d simply rather not work right now?

Am I wallowing in the fact that others write better than I do?

Carpenters don’t feel like building things everyday, plumbers don’t like working on drains and librarians get sick of shelving books. Accountants don’t like adding things up and cops get tired of arresting criminals.

It’s work. It’s not fun and it takes leaving your comfort zone.