What does Tiger and a baby seal have in common? Both have been clubbed by ScandinaviansThis one is short, sweet and simple.

Acceptance will cure most of your woes.

Note, I said simple. I didn’t say easy.

But you can work on acceptance by practicing. Next time you’re stuck in traffic instead of punching the steering wheel and cursing, why not accept the fact that traffic exist in the universe whether you like it or not?

When people act incompetently, rudely or stupidly–is that really a surprise? Is that the way people are? If that’s the way 97.8% are why does it piss you off.

Let’s take Tiger Woods. He’s acted pretty poorly. He’s been tapping everything on two legs for a while it seems. Is he a bad guy? Who’s to judge? He acted poorly but does that make him a big asshole or someone who acted like a big asshole? Do we need to condemn him or accept that he’s a fallible screwed up human like the rest of us and he screwed up?

I say he’s a guy who acted poorly, really poorly, especially if you are in a monogamous relationship with him. Perhaps his wife can accept that he violated their trust and can no longer have him in her life and still accept the fact that it happened.

Accepting doesn’t mean forgiving or permitting. It means living on life’s terms not yours. Face it, the world doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what you think, you can’t control it and there are no happiness guarantees.