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In 1975 Elvis was riding his motorcycle through Memphis in the middle of the night–his waking hours.

He passed his favorite Cadillac dealer and noticed an older African American couple looking through the showroom window. He parked his motorcycle.

“They’re nice, aren’t they,” Elvis said without introducing himself. The couple agreed but couldn’t figure out what else to say.

“What’s your favorite color, ma’m?” Elvis said and smiled that mischievous smile of his.

“Red,” The woman said.

“I’ll be right back–please don’t go anywhere,” Elvis said.

In 1975 Elvis bought and gave away 40 cars, usually Cadillacs. When you’re that kind of customer you get the dealership owner’s home phone number and its understood you can call him any time. At least it was to Elvis.

The groggy businessman came down right away. Elvis directed him to hand the woman the keys.

The keys to the red El Dorado.

The couple cried and were too overwhelmed to say anything coherent.

Elvis smiled, laughed to himself and got on his bike.

Happy Birthday, my friend, you’re missed