Meet Jamie

Mary and Wayne Calabray are basset rescue foster parents in Las Vegas and, well, they are failures.

Failures because instead of fostering the hounds, they adopt them. Their first was Wilma who they adopted at age 11.

Then one day a friend who was fostering a basset named Jamie was going on a cruise and they asked the Calabrays to watch Jamie for a week.

They failed again. They adopted Jamie.

“She found the couch immediately and when she figured out how to use the doggie door she used that regularly without a problem and of our four hounds she’s the best on a leash,” Mary said.

I had to go back and look at Jamie’s pictures.

Yeah, I thought so, she’s 100% blind. Glaucoma-something bassets get a lot.

It’s not that important to the Calabrays and it certainly isn’t important to Jamie.

“Once in awhile she bumps into a wall but she shrugs it off and it doesn’t bother her. She’ll bump into one of other hounds and they’ll get snippy but she shrugs it off and gets on with her day,” Mary said.

Jamie makes a habit of crawling into laps and falling asleep. She’s happy to meet new people and just never seems to be in a bad mood.

The Calabrays are active in the Las Vegas Basset Rescue. Vegas leads the country in foreclosures. That means people have to give up their homes and when they do that they often have to give up their dogs.

That’s why Jamie has been entered in the Bissell Dog of the Week. If Jamie gets the most votes she the Vegas rescue group can make $10,000.

You can vote right here! Do it now because voting ends this week!

So what can we learn from a blind basset hound?

1. If you run into a few walls, shake it off and get on with your day.

2. If you bump into someone by accident and they get mad, shake it off.

3.  Being positive and happy is possible

4. Cuddling with friends is a good hobby

What can we learn from the Calabrays?

1. You don’t define someone by a characteristic

Hmmm… you mean, you don’t have to define a dog by a physical characteristic or anything else that makes them different?

Huh? Wonder if we could all apply the same principle to people?