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Probably a lot of you know my buddy, and now writing partner, Ginny.

If you follow the basset news back and forth on Facebook you already know that she’s nuts when it comes to hounds. She’s the kind that scrolls through Petfinder all the time just in case she spots a hound in need.

Last week Bruno appeared…in a kill shelter. He’s still a puppy and Ginny was doing her best to find a home.

And of course, she did. It just so happened to be her home…which already has five dogs.

Ginny’s married to Rick who happens to be an Army Colonel and has this habit of getting deployed overseas, in harm’s way. My wife and I had cocktails with these folks and you couldn’t meet nicer people.

Back to Bruno. One day he’s on death row waiting for the executioner’s song. The next day this wacky lady is making homemade doggy ice cream for him and Rick, who makes a living ordering soldiers around, waived the no couch rule.

Bruno, buddy, you really stepped in it, my friend.

Anyway, Ginny felt compelled to write about her week and i know better than to try to stop her. So without further ado, here’s the first guest Duffy Dog of the Week Post from Ginny Tata-Phillips:

Once upon a time, in a Central Florida location, let us call, Whorelando, a back yard breeder had a litter of Basset Hound Puppies.  Selling all but one puppy, these BYB gave the runt away to a neighbor.  Just a few months later, the horrified neighbor realized the cute little puppy was going to BE A BIG DOG.  Their reaction – off to the County Shelter, which happens to be a kill shelter.  On the way to the Shelter, the bad neighbors stopped at a pet store and met the good folk from Helping Paws Humane Society.  The good people of Helping Paws scooped up the puppy and saved him from being dumped.  They listed him on Petfinder.com where he was discovered by a CRAZY BASSET LADY who reads the hound listings every day.

With great trepidation, the CRAZY BASSET LADY called Helping Paws,and before she could say “Adopt Don’t Shop” she had another buppy to raise

Bruno says:"Frosty paws beats death row!"


But here is the real story.  The CRAZY BASSET LADY is married to a real American Hero, a US Army Colonel who has served in Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan…..TWICE!  The deal is that every time The Colonel deploys, THE CRAZY BASSET LADY is allowed to adopt another dog – it keeps her sane and busy while her husband is saving the world.  THE CRAZY BASSET LADY is not as crazy as she may seem.  The Colonel has been talking about another tour overseas and she figured if they had a new baby to raise and life to save that maybe he would reconsider another tour overseas.

Tough guy? Trust me.

So although there is ‘Always Room For One More Dog’, there is not ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE DEPLOYMENT!

Signed the very patriotic, although done her duty, CRAZY BASSET MOM of 6 rescued dogs!