Bob the Dog

Bob the Dog

Bob was adopted at age three. His forever home is with Bob and Kathy Nali in Tacoma, Washington.

Right away bob set out to raise money for basset hound rescue organizations. He was the 2008 King of the Michigan Waddle, he’s been the Grand Marshall of the Oregon Basset Hound Rescue Waddle and he’s raised money through various fundraisers like The Chick Magnut, the Drool Playing Cards and Bob’s Basset Butts.

Bob rocking the Michigan Waddle

All of that would’ve been enough to earn Duffy Dog of the Week.

But then Bob added a huge treat bone of inspiration.

NOTE: This part MUST be read accompanied by the video below. Push play, wait for the music  and begin to read.

On November 11, 2009. Bob’s back legs went lame. It was his birthday.


Bob's legs went lame

The vet said it didn’t look good and a very painful and intense surgery

Bob working on the under water treadmill

was needed. It was highly likely Bob would never walk again.

Bob couldn’t use his back legs but it didn’t affect his mood. He kept playing, his tail kept wagging and he kept training.

He trained a lot.

He got fitted for a set of wheels and he kept those lame legs moving.

On February 10, 2010, an eleven year-old Bob did this:

Step One


Step Two

Step Three and "Get The hell Out of My Way!"

That’s right, Bob’s back walking.

To watch a really cool video of Bob, check our Bob the Dog Nali on Facebook