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You know how I like rules and codes?

I’m not sure the ladies are going to appreciate this post but they may find it informative.

There’s a rule when it comes to men’s public bathrooms. If you’re on Thruway and you go into the men’s room where there’s 217 urinals you don’t take the vacant one right next to a fellow pisser. If there are a bunch of empties you must go at least two over.

There's a bunch for a reason.

This isn’t homophobia, a fear of intimacy or weird germaphobia.

This is one of the indisputable laws of the universe.

Every now and then some guy takes the one right next to me when there’s plenty available posts. What’s up with that?

Often they’re talking on a Bluetooth (but we’ve already covered that.)

Walk five feet, give me and my little friend some space, don’t make eye contact and do what you have to do.

Don’t be THAT guy.