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You know people like this:

You say: “Hey, i hear this week the weather’s gonna be–” and before you can finish he says “Cold and rainy.”

Then you say: “You hear about the Khadify? he–” and before you can finish he says: “Got killed, begged for his life, was wearing a wig.”

What the hell?

What is the finish-your-sentence-guy all about it?

Is he proving he knows something and you can’t enlighten him? Is he over-caffeinated and can’t control himself is he trying to show he’s really into the conversation.

Man, its annoying.

I think it’s a power thing. I think it’s people trying to prove you can’t tell them anything new and that whatever shit you can come up with they already got it and you’re late to the game.

Please–don’t be that guy.