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Just back from lunch at Subway.

The sandwich artist at the register had to reach around the woman in front of me to charge me for my tuna salad and soda combo.


The lady was making sure that the receipt was correct and that her Subway card and her credit card went in the precise spots in her multi-spot super wallet. No half step to allow me in. No back up and “Oh excuse me.”

Nope, another one of those who need everything in a row despite the fact that there’s 15 of us going through the line describing exactly how much Sweet Onion dressing we want.

While I’m at it–and this is a two for one day here at don’t be THAT guy–stop showing up at lunch time with sub orders for everyone you work with.

I get a half an hour for lunch and I want to zip in and out but in front of me is the mouth breather saying “Okay…on the first meat lovers…can you make sure the pepperoni is heading due west?” “On the black forest ham can you scrape off the little black forest part?” and ” On the roast beef he wants some but not too many olives and make sure they don’t fall out.”

Look, these guys who drew the short vocational straw who have to work at Subway hate you. Everyone waiting behind you hates you. The only people that have any appreciation for you at all are the losers back at the office and you know they talk behind your back.

Okay–to review–after your transaction get out of the way and when you show up at the Subway order one sub.