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Everyone knows one of these guys, right?

The office gang is kickin’ around the winner on The Biggest Loser or talking about how funny Jimmy Kimmel was or something like that and then he says in a self congratulatory drawl,

“I don’t watch television.”

TV is below me

Every one stops and stares while he waits. The delay is for the followup questions on just how he lives or what he does instead.

The answer usually involves classical music, reading or some other esoteric snooty hobby.

Yet a few days later the same individual will happen to mention that they saw such and such on television. When questioned they will respond with,

“It was on at the Macrobiotic food co-op.”

“I watch PBS once a year for the Upstairs Downstairs reunion and I saw it changing channels.”


“I was doing a socio-economic study on the ignorant classes below me and need to experience it for my research.”

Look everyone knows TV is mindless–that’s why we watch it. If you don’t watch it, good for you, but stop reminding us every chance you get while making us all gag on your self-importance.

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