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You pull up to the stop sign at a four way intersection. You’re the third vehicle to get there.

The guy who got there first insists on waving and directing who will go when until everyone at the intersection is thoroughly confused.

There are several starts and stops. This infuriates the director who then emphatically begins to gesticulate more forcefully.

Look, there are rules. You go in order. It is pretty simple. We don’t need a director.

I really hate the guy who waves very dismissively with just the curl of a few fingers. Like he’s some sort of superior being.

What drives these douches?

A control freak?

Misguided attempt at courtesy?

No, it’s all about power–they like the feeling of being in charge.

They’re not and I’m waiting my turn. Let him throw up his gesticulating hands in disgust and plow through the corner with anger.

Courtesy my ass.

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