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You’ve seen him.

Struts into a public place, say a coffee shop. He’s rockin’ the iridescent mini-headset coming out of his ear like some sort of bastard child of Shatner


Then he starts talking at a 100 decibel level louder than anyone else while he stares straight ahead totally oblivious to his own deuchieness.

And through it all you get the impression that he thinks this is cool.

Part “I’m Mr. A-hole tech guy.” Part “I’m so important I need to be in touch 24/7.” And part “I am so ff’in arrogant I don’t care if I ruin everyone else’s experience.”


Here’s the deal Bluetoothers: You look ridiculous, you’re annoying as hell and we beg you to go out to the parking lot and talk as loud and as long as you want.

And for everyone else: Don’t be THAT guy.