Some times people say my mysteries rely too much on conspiracy theories. I like to point out the conspiracies our government has admitted to.

For twenty years or so, from the fifties to the seventies, the CIA conducted mind control experiments on unknowing test subjects. They used CIA employees, military men, prostitutes, the mentally ill and members of the general public.

The project was known as MK-Ultra.

The agency was trying to explore  how mind control through things like drugs and hypnosis could be used to get information from informants, discredit enemies or manipulate people to do what they wanted.

The declassified memo admitting this can be seen at the end of this post.

The CIA liked to use LSD. As it turns the effects of LSD and for that matter hypnosis couldn’t be controlled to the degree the agency liked and eventually the project was discontinued.

Subjects weren’t told what they were taking. One group received LSD for 77 straight days.

According to author, John Marks, the CIA even set up whore houses in San Francisco, dosed men who they figured would be too embarrassed to complain to anyone and then watched them through one way mirrors.


Some estimate that millions of dollars was poured into this project.